What is Vemate?

Vemate is established and run by a team of accomplished professionals in the fields of Economics, Finance, IT Development, Marketing, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis and NFT development. Using the skills we have acquired over many years in our respective fields, we are determined to bring NFT analysing, minting and trading to a level which enables anybody to enter the market.

The Crypto and NFT worlds are filled with convoluted terms and names, difficult-to-understand processes and technical issues. It is also strewn with numerous projects, some being more reliable than others. But ultimately, only a very small number move beyond the fancy names and will produce any meaningful and real value.

Vemate will not be looking to create smokescreens and more clutter, rather its aim is to streamline all of the processes of learning how to navigate the world of NFTs. However, it will be up to us to simplify and not on the users to learn. They will not be expected to memorise any complex procedures, new terminology or anything of that nature. The Vemate experience will guide its users through every step of the process, as many times as needed or required to learn.

With the professionals behind Vemate coming from entrepreneurial and various institutional backgrounds, our first aim is to provide our users with the best possible product we can develop for them. Secure and technically advanced applications that do not aim to attract through marketing but through the power of the quality of service it provides.

One aspect which we want to emphasise is that we take pride in everything we do. Generic is not something that characterises us and that is the main reason why we strive to provide better, faster and more efficient products and services than anybody else on the market.

Phase 1 consists of our VEVE data acquisition application. In order to keep things simple, all of our products will be created under the Vemate umbrella in the form of the Vemate application. This particular product is comprised of 3 main unique features:

  • Free of charge.
  • Fastest mobile app than any other provision on the market.
  • Contains cutting-edge analytical tools which allow users to quickly ascertain fluctuations in price and react accordingly.

Phase 2 consists of the most advanced NFT product that the market will have seen thus far, with a clear goal to take the industry to the next level by reducing the market entrance threshold. This will be accomplished through the integration and simplification of all the steps required for successful NFT analysis, minting and trading.

Vemate does not expect its users and prospective investors to take our word on anything that is being promised, what it does is ask them to see for themselves. The pre-alpha Version of the Phase 1 application will be launched on the 5th of April with the Private Sale due to be held on the 29th April. This allows for ample time to review and ascertain the technical reliability as well as trustworthiness of the project and the team of professionals who are implementing it.

The Challenges

A thorough analysis of the existing market provisions has been carried out by the Vemate team and the professionals supporting it. This was done in order to determine the biggest problems beleaguering the industry and the principal challenges faced by new NFT users and existing crypto and stock market traders. There are numerous people and institutions who may want to enter the NFT market but they are stifled by high entrance barriers due to the complex nature of the existing market offerings. Whereas myriad trading platforms exist, these are:

  • convoluted;
  • difficult to understand;
  • lacking up-to-date information about the market;
  • lacking the necessary market analysis tools, indices and alarms;
  • and most importantly, they lack a guided and friendly user interface that lowers the market entrance threshold for the vast majority of cryptocurrency users.

The main challenges are characterized by:

Fragmented NFT Markets

The applications and marketplaces currently available to the public are convoluted beyond the technical ability or patience of most interested potential users to overcome. Due to all of these barriers, new and existing users are required to overcome a steep learning curve in order to learn how to carry out any transaction, which wallet to use and how to store their collectible, how to make any decision regarding the purchase of NFTs and Digital Collectibles. All of this needs to be carried out with no specific guidance or tutorials. Every prospective user must wing it or possess the technical abilities to discern which path is the best and most efficient. Furthermore, information often needs to be collated and implemented using 3 or more separate systems in order to carry out a single transaction. If you are a crypto enthusiast, you may want to use your own wallets to which you are accustomed in order to transact in NFTs. However, you will find that this first step is incredibly time-consuming and challenging and, in the end, most of them cannot host any NFTs. The aforementioned obstacle is only one of a myriad of issues facing users.

Already this high and oftentimes insurmountable entry barrier dissuades most potential users from entering the market. Thus, the presence of the second entry barrier contributes to filtering out most of the remaining users with only a determined few being able to proceed past it.

Informational Gaps

De-fi markets are an amazing and brilliant new technology which have changed the way the world works and have the potential to continue to deliver positive change in various industries and configurations. In NFT markets however, this information is still very fragmented and newcomers have to navigate a myriad of maze-like informational highways in order to understand what NFTs are, how they work, and how they can be purchased, stored, traded and minted. After this arduous journey into uncovering how to carry out the aforementioned activities, you discover that this is only the beginning of the road and you have to embark on a yet more demanding endeavour into researching which authors and works of digital art are the ones you may want or need to trade in accordance to your own goals.

Analysis Capabilities

Every financial decision is only as smart as the knowledge used to make it. Notwithstanding the desire to collect NFT art for the sake of creating one’s art collection, NFT trading is intrinsically linked with the financial crypto markets. However, as it stands, the analysis capabilities of current applications are severely limited in scope and depth. The perspective from which NFTs are currently analysed does not permit the full spectrum of variables to be considered prior to making a purchase. Thus, it becomes a highly subjective and risky speculative endeavour.

High Market Penetration Threshold

Existing marketplaces function on the premise that all of their users are fully tech-savvy and able to learn complex systems, processes and terms in order to be able to trade in NFTs. After the arduous process of learning how it is done, you also have to navigate the maze created by current providers in determining which NFTs are the right ones to buy. All these obstacles placed in the way of users restrict the potential entrance into the NFT market of the vast majority of potential traders.

The Vemate Solution

Modest Start

The Vemate app will be launched on the 5th of April 2022. However, this will not initially be the comprehensive platform we have planned and detailed in this document. It will however be gradually and carefully built to that point with a relatively modest but technically advanced starting point. This consists of the fastest VEVE floor price data acquisition mobile app on the market as well as several analysis tools accompanied by a surprise tool which will be released with the first update after launch. These functionalities will supercharge one’s response times to fluctuations in the market at a time when VEVE is implementing some very interesting updates which allow the conversion of gems into fungible tokens.

Following the Modest start step, a carefully tailored, 3-pronged plan will be implemented to gradually create your new, all-needs-fulfilled NFT marketplace app.


Information regarding NFTs is extremely fragmented and difficult to find and assess for a newcomer to the market. In this regard, it is a truly decentralised market from an informational perspective also. However, unlike the economical decentralisation, this type can only serve a select few who are familiar with the intricacies of the industry and does not aid the majority of potential users who do not know which information is valid and which source is reliable. Thus Vemate has taken it upon itself to gradually centralise, moderate and compress market information to become the most reliable, centralised source of information and NFT education.

Trading Analysis

Whereas trading analysis is normally reserved for users who undertake courses, this option will be made more accessible to every user who is interested in learning how to improve their trading. Through a mix of acquired and own Marketplace data, complex methods of analysis will be taught to users who are interested in upgrading their understanding of the market. This education will be carried out by our unique approach of applying a guided user interface to our Vemate app which will serve as an autonomous teaching tool for anybody looking to expand their knowledge of the subject matter. It will serve to enhance your trading capabilities and inform your decision-making process. In effect, a part of Vemate will become like TradingView for NFTs.


Synergy is the keyword when it comes to Vemate, and it is the perfect descriptor for what it will achieve both in the marketplace it creates and the entire Vemate app. With this event taking place at every level of the project, the result will be that much greater than the sum of its parts.

The staff at Vemate are aware of the risk we are taking by making such an audacious claim. However, we firmly believe that our approach will revolutionise and streamline the way that NFTs are traded on the open market. Several years ago, the crypto market was in a similar fragmented state requiring a steep learning curve, with only a small number of professionals possessing the necessary skills to navigate the currents. This is the goal we have set for Vemate, bringing the world of NFT trading up to speed and changing the layout of NFT trading, as well as the way in which markets react to change. This will be achieved through novel economic models such as breaking up high-value works into shares (fractionalisation and tokenisation) and enabling volume trading for day traders, and even scalpers – opening up a completely new market dimension and the potential to thrust the world into a renewed NFT and Crypto boom.

The blueprint we have devised for Vemate is as ambitious as it is revolutionary, and with the right support from its early users it will move on to become the main market player in short years. Having put the collective knowledge of our staff as well as a myriad of other consultants, we have determined that through our enhanced service provision and novel ideas, we would be able to achieve a 35% share of the largest existing NFT market player – OpenSea within 1.5 years. This is further compounded by untold numbers of crypto and stock traders who were previously prevented from entering the market due to the many challenges we have detailed in this document. In this context, it is worth noting that the OpenSea market share was worth $14 billion in 2021.


This NFT triumvirate’s synergy has been named Vemate, which will not only be a more attractive provision for existing market players but it will also create its own market by lowering the entrance threshold for crypto, stock market and other users who have been awaiting for their chance to try their hand at trading and minting NFTs.

Marketing Plan

The most important and principal aspect of Vemate’s marketing strategy is the unique approach of:

Launching the pre-alpha version of our app before any fundraising takes place.

Since we are a company of professionals and want to unequivocally demonstrate the skill, effort and care that goes into every product and service we offer, we have been unwavering in our commitment to launch before any token sale takes place. We do not believe in raising funds and then making our early supporters wait for months or years until the product is ready. Rather, Vemate has carried out all the hard work prior to even considering a fundraising event. As the company is now ready to move forward with providing the pre-alpha version of the app to the market, the staff behind it are ready to supercharge our own efforts to supply the full extent of the application we have exemplified in this document.


Since our main goal is to act in an ethical manner and also due to the appreciation and passion we have for VEVE (we love VEVE), we want only to act in good faith towards them as our unofficial partners. Therefore, we have undertaken efforts to reach out to them and ensure we have their approval before we commit to displaying any branded work on our application. Furthermore, we have no plans to introduce any charge as of yet for the application because our main goal is to implement the NFT synergic triumvirate marketplace. Any such potential charge would have to fulfil two very important conditions:

  • VEVE approval of charge introduction;
  • Necessity for the continuous development and maintenance of the VEVE analysis aspect of the application;

One of the businesses which support Vemate is a traditional marketing company. With over 10 years of experience in the field, our CEO has devised a streamlined, highly effective and diversified marketing strategy which includes but is not limited to:

  • Pre-launch hype generation;
  • Dissemination of branded material to various avenues and channels, including Social Media;
  • Youtube influencer endorsements, Telegram groups endorsements – AMAs and Call Groups according to a structured format which aligns with the timetable we set out for the release of the additional functionalities of the Vemate application;
  • Trickle release of functionalities to prevent user attrition and disenfranchisement and ensure organic, constant growth;
  • Continual development and adaptation of the application according to user base feedback as well as developments with the market;


Total Supply: 150.000.000

Tax: 5% on sale

Private sale and Presale vesting

Although Vesting is not something our project would have wanted to engage with, it is a necessary aspect of any current project. We have therefore dedicated a great deal of research and effort to develop an equitable vesting system which works for everybody.

Private Sale holders vesting:


Released on listing


Released every 30 days thereafter for 6 months


Released after the last 30 days

The entire vesting process will be completed within 7 months from listing. The reason this vesting schedule is needed in this configuration is to protect the investment of both our investors as well as the project’s viability itself.

Presale holders vesting:


Released on listing


Released after 30 days


Released after a further 30 days


Released after the final 30 days

Token Distribution

Presale 25.4913158%

40% released on listing

20% for 3 months thereafter

Burning - 9.5086842%

1 day before Gate.io listing for hype generation

Token Liquidity and Listing fees: 20%

9.9458666667% were transferred to Pinksale for DEX liquidity on Pancakeswap

PrivateSale: 10%

15% released on listing

12.5% released every 30 days thereafter for 6 months

10% released after the last 30 days

Marketing: 10%

Team: 8%

Reserve for CEX listing and development: 9.5%

Staking, Partnerships, Referrals and Airdrops: 7.5%



The project’s sustainability and continued development will be supported by a 5% tax on selling. Since the commitments we have made are important to us, we have to ensure that all of our efforts are focused in one direction only– and that is the continuous improvement and development of the Vemate experience. This approach will enable the staff to ensure that the token will continue to rise in value through the assets deployed which will generate both revenue and interest in the project. Your taxes would be divided as follows:





Once the Phase 2 application is rolled out, a 2% NFT marketplace transaction tax will be implemented for any trades carried out via the marketplace in order to ensure the continual development and continuity of the service. Furthermore, VMT token holders who will hold a certain amount of tokens (which will be communicated in due course) will be able to benefit from a discount on the marketplace tax. The marketplace NFT transaction tax will consequently be reduced for holders to 1.7%.

Team Vesting

The staff token allocations will be locked for 12 months.

VMT Token Utility

VMT token holders will have several advantages.

Phase 1 Utility:

  • Premium Access to the Vemate App surprise function for holders who have a certain minimum number of tokens in their wallet (with the exception of regular & fast floor price updates, accessing every other feature will require holding VMT tokens);
  • The possibility to access Vemate premium Phase 1 functions will be provided to VMT token minimum amount holders as well as further discounts on subsequent planned premium options which will be available to purchase using the VMT token, that will enable certain powers and game-changing features of the App;
  • Access to the Vemate App premium features will be provided via several Crypto payment options, therefore significant discounts are available for users who pay with the VMT token.

Phase 2 Utility:

Besides the condition of holding VMT tokens in order to have the ability to access Premium features and to be able to purchase Premium features using the VMT tokens as payment, there are a large number of planned token utilities in the pipeline for its users. Some of these are the following:

  • Partner real-world to NFT conversion projects will be accessible using the VMT token as payment – more details will be supplied in due course;
  • Phase 2 Vemate will also require users to hold the token in order to access some Premium services and functions. Furthermore, the marketplace fee of 2% per NFT transaction carried out will be payable in VMT tokens;
  • Phase 2 utilities will be much more varied than exemplified above and it will involve the use of the VMT token for the NFT project launchpad planned by Vemate as well as for use with many of our partners who will be accepting Vemate as payment for their services and products;
  • Staked tokens will receive a discount on our NFT marketplace;
  • Secret features that can be unlocked as a Staker or Holder;
  • Important contests and airdrops for holders;
  • Surprise gifts for certain levels;

It shall be noted that purchasing the VMT token is not an investment. We do not expect the VMT token to be resalable on the secondary market for profit and we do not guarantee the future merchantability or value of the VMT token. When acquiring and holding the VMT token you shall not expect a profit derived from Vemate as the VMT tokens is thought to be solely a means of transaction and exchange solely within the Vemate application.


Unlike the common practice in projects which raise funds first and may provide products or services later, we do not like to talk about ourselves or inflate our own importance. Which is why we have chosen to let our work speak for itself.

However, we would like to touch upon the wealth of expertise, skill and experience we have gathered under the umbrella of Vemate. The professionals working hard to create your ultimate NFT project have carefully mixed and complemented the various skills they possess in order to tailor a unique platform with cutting-edge and even original technology. Moreover, the management of the Vemate project has many years of successful entrepreneurial experience behind them with several real-world as well as currently trading companies being run by them. The latter fact should stand as a further testament to the potential and incredible advantage this project has in the form of not only experience but also the resources it has at its disposal.

We know what we are capable of and with the right support from our users, we will be resolute in our pursuit to create the ultimate NFT application. Vemate will enable absolutely anybody who has even an inkling of interest in the market, to join it.

Therefore, we urge you to join the Vemate family so you can be part of the next industry-disrupting project which has the potential to revolutionise and streamline the way that NFTs are traded.

Community and Communication


The most important aspect of any project is the strength and commitment of its community. This is why we want to make sure that everything we tell and supply to you is of the utmost quality and accuracy.

As a consequence, we will always allow ourselves a little bit of extra room for movement in the announcements we make in order to not confine the project to a closed system where it would not have the potential to thrive. This is a lesson we have learned throughout years of hard-earned experience in our respective fields and running various other businesses which are still trading today. It is of utmost importance to have flexibility and be able to act dynamically to changes in the market. We therefore ask for your support and understanding with regard to any releases of information we make. Whereas we will put every effort possible to clarify everything in detail, some aspects may be left intentionally vague. This will be done in order to allow us the possibility of upgrades and adaptation to changes in an incredibly fast-moving industry.

Community Building

Our well-trained marketing team is working hard on applying and optimising the correct marketing strategies in order to attract the right demographic of like-minded crypto enthusiasts, VEVE users, NFT artists, traders and collectors to our ever-expanding community and to engage with them on every level in order to improve the experience we provide you with.

Strategic Entanglement

Feedback is extremely important to us. In fact, this is what helped us develop these ideas thus far and we are acutely interested in every piece of constructive feedback our community has to offer. This feedback will not be a PR tool for our marketing efforts, rather a vital necessity for the continued success of Vemate. This is why we will be implementing a feedback system which will allow users to propose and subject ideas to community votes with regard to implementation.

These ideas will then be taken by our staff and dissected in order to analyse the viability and feasibility of implementation, with the results being communicated to the community via the same medium we will be setting up for these operations.


This document serves informative purposes only and does not imply a contractual relationship of any kind nor an obligation to buy the VMT tokens.

All statements and predictions made herein are based on our best estimate and we do not guarantee that they will ever be true and accurate. This document does not imply an obligation on our part to comply with what is stated herein, including but not limited to the timelines. We may not be able to fully develop the platform and therefore, we make no promises or warranties related to the future use or merchantability of the VMT tokens. Be advised that there is no possible legal action against us in case of failure, non-performance or non-implementation of the platform, loss of profit or any other hardship connected to the purchase and/or use of the VMT tokens.

This document is not a prospectus of any sort and is not an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment. It is hereby noted that VMT tokens are not stocks, securities or other financial instruments or rights and entail no rights to receive or participate in future profits, revenue or financial gains. Moreover, VMT tokens are not a value storage asset and do not convey any intellectual property rights.

We do not assume any responsibility as of the decisions you take based on the information we have provided here. Crypto/digital asset activity is hazardous, high-risk, highly volatile and entails security risks as well as the potential lack of economic results, pricing volatility, inadequate liquidity, loss of value, theft, hacking, complete loss of Tokens, etc. By purchasing the VMT tokens you assume all risks entailed.

We shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or other losses of any kind, in tort, contract or otherwise arising from your reliance on the content of this document. We do not represent or warrant (i) the merchantability, availability, performance, functionality, value, fitness for a particular purpose, suitability, title or non-infringement of any law or regulation of the VMT tokens; (ii) that this document is accurate and error-free and does not infringe any third-party rights; (iii) the development of the Vemate application and other functionalities detailed herein.