Work Process

How it Works

Vemate will let anybody trade NFTs without the steep learning curve.

We’re building the ultimate NFT analysis, minting and trading platform on the market.

The Vemate app will start off modestly. However, with every function release, it will bring unique features to the market that will give you a competitive advantage over your peers who use competing applications.

Phase 1

  • Fast VEVE data acquisition

  • Unique features to supercharge digital collectibles trading

  • MVP app launch before fundraising

Phase 2

  • Guided NFT learning, minting, trading and analysis

  • Fractionalised and tokenised volume NFT trading

  • Lowering of NFT market entrance threshold

Current Challenges

The existing NFT market poses considerable challenges to both new and seasoned crypto users.

Fragmented NFT Markets

New users are forced to use existing convoluted options and undergo a steep learning curve. All that just to carry out a simple task or make a decision about the purchase of NFTs and Digital Collectibles. Information often needs to be collated and implemented using 3 separate systems in order to carry out a single transaction.

Analysis Capabilities

Every financial decision is only as smart as the knowledge used to make it. Despite the desire to collect NFT art and build your art collection, NFT trading is intrinsically linked with the financial crypto markets. However, as it stands, the analysis capabilities of current applications are severely limited in scope and depth. The perspective from which NFTs are currently analysed does not offer the full spectrum of variables to be considered prior to making a purchase. Such limitations make it a highly subjective and risky speculative endeavour.

Tokenised Fractional NFTs

A lot of Crypto users find it incredibly difficult or simply of no interest to them to enter the NFT market. At the same time, NFT artists are not able to fully capitalise their work and most of the time, their artwork gets sold on further down the line for massive amounts of cryptocurrency of which they only see a tiny royalty fee. Our planned NFT fractionalisation (in millions of shards) as well as tokenisation of those shards will enable both artists to receive more crypto for their work and Crypto users to trade much in the same way they would a normally listed token.

High market penetration threshold

Existing marketplaces function on the premise that all of their users are fully tech-savvy, and can learn complex systems, processes and terms to trade in NFTs. After the arduous process of learning how it is done, you also have to navigate the puzzle created by current providers in determining which NFTs are the right ones to buy. All these obstacles placed in the way restrict the entrance into the NFT market for the vast majority of potential traders.

The Plan

Your one-stop shop for everything NFT



Information pertaining to NFTs and NFT collections will be acquired, compressed and conveyed to you via an easy to understand and digest format to maximise its efficiency.


Trading Analysis

The information used for analysis will be a mix of acquired and proprietary Marketplace data. This process is generally reserved for skilled traders. However, through Vemate, you will be able to perform complex analyses of indices and charts with our unique Guided User Interface that will both educate and inform your decision-making process.



Through the Planned NFT Marketplace, you will be able to act upon the Information and Trading Analysis acquired on the platform. Unlimited minting and trading will be made easy and straightforward.


NFT Platform

Through the synergy of three modules, our NFT platform will emerge. It will not only be a more attractive option for existing market players, but it will also create its own market by lowering the entrance threshold for crypto, stock market and other users.

The Timeline

We are really passionate about Vemate and what it will offer, and we are putting our passion into work that we want to share as soon as possible. You will find that our eagerness to realize our plans is reflected in the roadmap.

April 2022
Launch of Phase 1 MVP mobile app. Private Sale of VMT token.
May - June 2022
Trickle release of Vemate Phase 1 app functions.
July - October 2022
Full rollout of Phase 1 application. Presale & listing of VMT token.
November 2022 - January 2023
Final feature releases and polishing of Phase 1 application.
February - October 2023
Phase 2 development commencement. Additional enrichment and feature development for Phase 1 app.
November 2023
Beginning of Phase 2 features rollout. Alpha Informational module equivalent to CoinMarketCap, but for NFTs.
December 2023
Continuation of Phase 2 features rollout. Alpha Analysis module equivalent to TradingView but for NFTs with some traditional crypto analysis capability for tokenised fractional NFT trading.
January 2024
Continuation of Phase 2 features rollout. Continuous testing of the Informational and Analysis modules to roll out the full version to the public.
February 2024
Trickle rollout of full NFT Marketplace features. Launch of NFT marketplace which will enable minting, trading, fractionalising and tokenising NFTs for artists who fulfil a strict set of criteria.

Our Team

We have a professional, closely knit and dedicated team comprised of professionals in IT, blockchain and NFT development, Business, Economics and Marketing. Meet your Vemates below.


Total Supply: 150,000,000
Blockchain: BEP20

Presale 25.4913158%

40% released on listing

20% for 3 months thereafter

Burning - 9.5086842%

1 day before listing for hype generation

Token Liquidity and Listing fees: 20%

9.9458666667% were transferred to Pinksale for DEX liquidity on Pancakeswap

PrivateSale: 10%

15% released on listing

12.5% released every 30 days thereafter for 6 months

10% released after the last 30 days

Marketing: 10%

Team: 8%

Reserve for CEX listing and development: 9.5%

Staking, Partnerships, Referrals and Airdrops: 7.5%


Vemate Mobile App

Our mobile app was released to the market before we held our Presale. We are, in fact, adamant that this was the only right choice in order to demonstrate our technical abilities, as well as the promptness and reliability you can expect from Vemate. The app release will be followed by a regular trickle of updates to expand and continue supercharging our users’ digital collectible trading.

  • App pre-release

  • Trickle, regular function release

  • Evolving user interface