Work Process

How it Works

Vemate will let anybody trade NFTs without the steep learning curve.

We’re building the ultimate NFT analysis, minting and trading platform on the market.

The Vemate app will start off modestly. However, with every function release, it will bring unique features to the market that will give you a competitive advantage over your peers who use competing applications.

Phase 1

  • Fast VEVE data acquisition

  • Unique features to supercharge digital collectibles trading

  • MVP app launch before fundraising

Phase 2

  • Guided NFT learning, minting, trading and analysis

  • Fractionalised and tokenised volume NFT trading

  • Lowering of NFT market entrance threshold

Our Mission

Vemate was created out of a desire to improve and streamline the NFT collectibles market, backed by highly skilled professionals in the Business, Economics, Blockchain development, IT development and UI/UX development areas of expertise.

Vemate is a fast and the most versatile VEVE collectibles analysis app on the market, and this is only the beginning of its journey. Within one year, Vemate will undergo several stages of development and evolution to emerge as one of the leading NFT minting, trading and information platforms on the market. It will create its own market by lowering the entrance threshold for newcomers, curious investors, crypto enthusiasts and even stock market traders – institutional and otherwise. It will be made incredibly easy to use and remove all the clutter, convolution and difficult-to-understand terms and processes which are currently preventing large swathes of the public from becoming active in the market. Its start may be modest and paced but it will unfold according to the carefully tailored plan laid out for its journey to NFT market dominance.

Our commitments also take into account our most important partner – Earth, or rather the ecosystems we need to survive. That is the reason we go a step further than anybody else on this matter, as all of our transactions will be 100% Carbon Negative. Thus, using Vemate as your go-to NFT trading app will not only be your most intelligent financial decision but also a sensible environmental one. Going a step further in everything that we do is what characterises the spirit of Vemate. We will not stop at token policies but will implement meaning and substance with all of our actions. We have planned for this to be only step one of our proactive environmental programme.

Our Team

We have a professional, closely knit and dedicated team comprised of professionals in IT, blockchain and NFT development, Business, Economics and Marketing. Meet your Vemates below.