The plan

Having analysed the entire spectrum of the NFT market, we identified the three main factors needed to supercharge NFT trading to the level it deserves to be. As a consequence, we plan to offer through Vemate – a synergy between up-to-date information, trading analysis, and an easy to navigate and understand marketplace. This will be further enhanced by the Guided User Interface which will pave the way for large swathes of the crypto and stock trading market who want to trade in NFTs but do not have the skills required. Vemate may start off offering the most efficient analysis data for premium digital collectibles but it will become a bastion for the open and free NFT market for everybody. Minting and Trading NFTs will be made simple and straightforward in several easy and guided steps. Our users will have every chance of emerging on the other side having created an enviable collection or, as some may want, a significant profit margin.


Information pertaining to NFTs and NFT collections will be acquired, compressed and conveyed to you via an easy to understand and digest format to maximise its efficiency.

Trading Analysis

The information used for analysis will be a mix of acquired and proprietary Marketplace data. This process is generally reserved for skilled traders. However, through Vemate, you will be able to perform complex analyses of indices and charts with our unique Guided User Interface that will both educate and inform your decision-making process.


Through the Planned NFT Marketplace, you will be able to act upon the Information and Trading Analysis acquired on the platform. Unlimited minting and trading will be made easy and straightforward.

NFT Platform

Through the synergy of three modules, our NFT platform will emerge. It will not only be a more attractive option for existing market players, but it will also create its own market by lowering the entrance threshold for crypto, stock market and other users.