The Timeline

We are really passionate about Vemate and what it will offer, and we are putting our passion into work that we want to share as soon as possible. You will find that our eagerness to realize our plans is reflected in the roadmap.

April 2022
Launch of Phase 1 MVP mobile app. Private Sale of VMT token.
May - June 2022
Trickle release of Vemate Phase 1 app functions.
July - September 2022
Full rollout of complete Phase 1 application. Phase 2 development commencement.
October 2022
Presale of VMT token. Beginning of Phase 2 features rollout. Alpha Informational module equivalent to CoinMarketCap, but for NFTs.
November 2022
Continuation of Phase 2 features rollout. Alpha Analysis module equivalent to TradingView but for NFTs with some traditional crypto analysis capability for tokenised fractional NFT trading.
December 2022
Continuation of Phase 2 features rollout. Continuous testing of the Informational and Analysis modules to roll out the full version to the public.
January - May 2023
Trickle rollout of full NFT Marketplace features. Launch of NFT marketplace which will enable minting, trading, fractionalising and tokenising NFTs for artists who fulfil a strict set of criteria.