What is Vemate?

Vemate will initially be a floor price data acquisition and analysis app for VEVE collectibles. It will provide market data and access to price change alarms as well as low mint listing alarms and specialised sorting tools.

What will Vemate eventually become?

Following Phase 2, Vemate will move to become an all-encompassing NFT information spot, trading analysis platform and NFT marketplace. The goal is to bring all your needs under one roof and make it easier for newcomers to enter the NFT market. Thus, Vemate aims to not only tap into the existing market but also create its own.

How Will Vemate help me?

Initially, you will be able to make decisions regarding VEVE collectibles faster than anybody else on the market. However, upon completion of Phase 2, when it comes to minting, researching and trading NFTs, the sky's the limit. If required, it will guide every user through the entire process.

Why should I care about Vemate?

Vemate is looking to help you navigate the complex and difficult path that is NFT trading and make it much easier for you. Furthermore, because Vemate cares about its footprint, all of the transactions made with our token will be 100% Carbon NEGATIVE.

What use will the VMT token have?

The VMT token will provide a means to acquire access to certain features on our platform once they are introduced in Phase 1. We are not looking to impose a charge for the use of our app as of yet. But don’t worry though, even if we do need to introduce it for maintenance and development purposes, this will be removed in time for Phase 2. The Vemate application will be, ultimately, free to use, with the exception of the premium features of our app.

How will I be able to participate in the ICO?

The token will be available for purchase in 2 stages, both after the release of the MVP version of the Vemate app:

1. Private Sale to be held on April 29th.

2. Presale to be held in October, with further details to come.

Why should I trust Vemate?

Uncommon for most crypto and NFT projects, at Vemate, we do not believe in holding an ICO before releasing a product. Which is why we have decided to release an MVP version of our mobile application on April 5th well before the ICO is held.

How can I buy the VMT token?

The token was made available for purchase initially via the Private Sale held via our website on April 29th. The second opportunity for purchase at a discounted price will be provided in October during our project's Presale. Several weeks after the presale is concluded, the token will then be listed via an exchange.

What other utilities will the VMT token have?

Besides the condition of holding VMT tokens to access premium services and purchasing Pro functions using VMT tokens, there are a large number of planned token utilities in the pipeline for its users. These are as follows:

– Partner real-world to NFT conversion projects will be accessible using the VMT token as payment – more details will be supplied in due course.

– Phase 2 Vemate will require users to hold the token to access some premium services and functions. Furthermore, the marketplace fee will be payable in VMT tokens.

– Phase 2 utilities will be much more varied than exemplified above, and it will involve using VMT token for the upcoming NFT platform. It will also find use with many of our partners who will be accepting Vemate as payment for their services and products.